Olympics in Chicago? Why Not?

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Here you go.

Video: Teen Attacked, Beaten to Death in Melee – Chicago Breaking News

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The Ted Kennedy National Health Care plan

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This thing’s not going to help Ted.

Ted’s dead baby, Teds dead.

Obama’s Traitorous Ways

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Obama is anti-American apologist

April 10, 2009

To the Editor:

The president of the United States goes to Europe and ridicules his own nation. He apologizes for what he calls America’s dismissive attitude and our arrogance toward Europeans. I am sure that the Americans who lie in the cemeteries across the Argon and those who are buried in Normandy will rest easier now that our new president has redefined their sacrifice. I know that their families that suffered the loss of a loved one will have a better understanding of that loss, because our new president has diminished their value. After Obama apologized for our misgivings to the Europeans, he then trots off to Turkey and apologies for our attitude toward Muslims, and he promises that America is not at war with Islam. He never mentioned that a good part of Islam is at war with America. I know that people of the president’s mindset will say that not all Muslims are terrorists, but, unfortunately, all the terrorists we are aware of have been Muslims. This president believes that America will be loved if he goes around the world kissing the behinds of European and Muslim nations. He believes that America is at fault for the hatred that many in the world hold toward us. Maybe our president should read about America’s role in World War I and World War II. I have never been more ashamed of a president or saddened for our nation than I am of this anti-American apologist.



Thanks Ed – you hit the nail on the head.